There has only been five female characters comfirmed playable compared to fifteen male characters.

I’m amazed at those exact numbers because 33% is the point where men will start thinking there’s a majority of women in a group.

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Selfie, 2014



Selfie, 2014

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"Fuck You, Old People" — Group Piece at CUPSI 2014

"By the way, you can’t actually pick yourself up by your own bootstraps. That’s now how physics works."


this gives me life….

"Act your fucking age" god damn, this has a good message here.

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fucking. this. 

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Did you know?


White males constitute only 33% of the American population. Yet, they occupy approximately:

  • 80% of tenured positions in higher education
  • 80% of the House of Representatives
  • 80-85% of the U.S. Senate
  • 92%of Forbes 400 executive CEO-level positions
  • 90% of athletic team owners
  • 97.7% of U.S. presidents

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On statistical claims


What do you think about the claim that lesbian couples have a higher incidence of domestic violence than straight couples?

I don’t think much of anything about statistical claims without a source, and regardless of the numbers (or the methods used to determine those numbers), I’m much more interested in whatever underlying belief would cause a person to cite a given statistic.

So, here’s the better question: If lesbian couples do, in fact, have a higher incidence of domestic violence than straight couples, what does that make true for you? What belief does it reinforce? What belief does it refute? What does that say about you as a person?

This is the kind of statistic that a gay rights activist might use to highlight a need for more social services with regard to a particularly underserved segment of the population. Okay, fine. I can get behind that.

Unfortunately, this is also the kind of statistic that a men’s rights activist might use to reinforce his belief that women are more culpable than men with regard to their roles in domestic violence. If that’s the angle, then dude needs to step the fuck back.

Point is, if somebody is coming at you with statistics, it’s because they literally have something to prove. Make them prove it and then make them tell you why, because the numbers themselves are almost always less important than the reason someone wishes they were higher or lower.

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Twitter Campaign: These are only facts. 

Feel free to join in on this campaign to boycott the Exodus movie trailer. I’m so infuriated that it is 2014 and we are still portraying on the big screen a falsehood of what the ancient Egyptians were! Use the hashtag #BoycottExodusMovie to join. This is honestly some fuck boy mentality honestly!

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Josey Baker | GLCO


Josey Baker | GLCO




say it with me:

makeup is gender neutral

I whispered “makeup is gender neutral” out loud on the train and the guy next to me looked at me weird but then whispered “fuck yea” back

That is a man to keep.

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"Gay Pride was not born of a need to celebrate being gay, but our right to exist without persecution. So instead of wondering why there isn’t a Straight Pride movement, be thankful you don’t need one."

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