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one time in music class this guy called a sharp a hashtag and our teacher sent him to the office

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Rattlesnake Ledge. Location scouting. A Fist Full of Bolts

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Remington ft. garden

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"November 19th, 2013,
‘Selfie’ was named the Word of the Year by the Oxford Dictionary
Pseudo-intellectuals everywhere cried about the ‘death of the English language’
Because God forbid modern colloquial speech be recognised as valid.
Time Magazine refers to ‘millenials’ as the ‘me me me generation’
Selfish, all we care about is personal gratification
Lazy, entitled, shallow narcissists.
A picture of a girl taking a selfie on her phone is used for the cover
Because our selfishness can be summed up in the fact that we like how we look enough to document it.
We are consumed, they tell us, with our self image.
Everything is about us.
With the addition of every word to the dictionary,
‘Hashtag’. ‘Perf’. ‘Sexting’. ‘Totes’. ‘Selfie’,
The ‘me-me-me’ generation continues to make it all about ourselves,
And we should, they tell us, weep,
We should weep because we are entitled,
Because all we care about are selfies and parties and Instagram,
Because this is the generation that will one day run the world,
And for that, we should weep,
Because all we are is ‘me-me-me’.
Let me tell you something.
Every year, university tuition will be 2.3% more expensive for MY GENERATION,
MY GENERATION reports the highest levels of anxiety and depression than ANY other generation,
15% more of US than YOU will go to university,
But 46% of MY GENERATION won’t find a job until over a year after law school,
MY GENERATION, on average, is $47,628 in debt.
58% of girls in MY GENERATION feels like they are the wrong weight,
95% of people with eating disorders are part of MY GENERATION,
And MY GENERATION has a million dollar industry telling us that we are not good enough,
That we are ugly, lazy, and entitled,
And anything we do to be financially successful,
Or less stressed,
Or beautiful, god dammit,
Is in vain.
So pick up your phone,
Pick your favourite filter,
And take a goddamn selfie.
You deserve it for having to grow up in these times."

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 Mathias Rocher || Iceland

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I want this on my blog because I think it is important. If you have any problems with this, message me.


I want this on my blog because I think it is important. If you have any problems with this, message me.

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Never get mad at someone with anxiety for apologizing a lot. It’s a coping mechanism and yelling only makes it worse. They don’t need tough love or anything like that. Reassurance that they are fine is the most important thing

please listen to this post

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"I have performed the necessary butchery. Here is the bleeding corpse."

Henry James, after a request by the Times Literary Supplement to cut three lines from a 5,000 word article (via mirroir)

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Also, growing up in a family where my dad was OK with staying at home and my mom was not expected to keep up with the housework while also working full time has really raised my expectations. I know, without a doubt, that there is no way I would ever put up with a guy who expected me to come home, do his laundry, make his dinner, and clean up his mess. I don’t think I could ever seriously consider dating a man who couldn’t handle folding my laundry, or his for that matter. My expectations of masculinity are radically different from some women I know, even other fairly liberal women. I don’t romanticize strong, burly men who might “provide” for me — I mostly consider men like that sad clichés that I cant take seriously.

I value a guy who wants to sit around reading feminist texts, lets me pay for his drinks without getting weird, has no problem splitting the dishes after dinner, and isn’t phased by body hair.


Just How Weird is My Dad?

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reflection lakes (by manyfires)


reflection lakes (by manyfires)

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